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catapulted into what can't be

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(no subject) [Feb. 21st, 2005|06:52 pm]
catapulted into what can't be
PICTURE POST. i really do not want to do my spanish essay. anybody read la casa de bernarda alba lately? the play? hokay so here are like all pictures on my computer. YAY!

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(no subject) [Nov. 9th, 2004|06:11 pm]
catapulted into what can't be
it has been awhile. sydney this is for you, btw. also i guess its for me. so things are going really well right now, because i have been living at camp more than i have been living at home which is the way i like it. this weekend, i had a one on one which is cool because i got to know him really well. basically he was nine years old and he was bi-polar with Adhd, OCd, tourette's, and sensory integrity issues. basically he was super moody and had some behaviors where you just kind of had to run away. but we played soccer and baseball and "hunt the buffalo" a lot, which was tight i felt like a little kid again. this one time, we were kicking the soccer ball instead of going to dinner and he hit his head, and started freaking out and i am freaking out inside because i am so scared he will have his biggest behavior yet, but he lets me kiss his head which is big for him because he doesn't like touch, so i was happy. but i got maybe seven hours of sleep because i was on night duty friday night and this little seven year old named trevor wouldnt sleep without someone sleeping with him, so i had to cram between the rails with him which was cute for maybe ten minutes until i realized how uncomfortable i was. but bobby allen was in my lodge, who is my favorite little boy in the history of little boys. he was in a bad mood this whole weekend, and since he has downs he is super stubborn. except on sunday he started talking again, like nonstop, and he never refused to give me a kiss so it was okay. also, kinsey was there and it was the tightest thing ever, she had a new dog named chloe who she kept on a leash and the thing looked so real, geez. there was the most beautiful six year old with autism and cerebral palsy, he was amazing. and the usual crowd was there as well: tony, tom, debbie, sarah, diana, carlton, and rod. and me and annabelle had quality time with carlton and tony on saturday. and rod and i got really close and he is so funny, we had this war with down feathers, and they were stuck all over him it was hilarious. tony was reading with bobby one day at campfire and it was so precious. the food was gross and AB and i both got sick, yuck, and stayed home yesterday. i met the coolest guy ever named brandon, he was so laid back and awesome. arazeli was back this weekend and it made me so happy because i love her.
i missed sinead's party, which i am sad about i heard it was fun. and i missed bruno's, but i dont really care i heard it wasnt that great. and i missed the fashion show, which i heard was amazing and i am sad i wasnt there.
but in the grand scheme of things, i love camp so much i would miss a whole lot for it. at our meeting tamisha read us a letter from a parent of a first time camper which said that while their child was at camp, they went out to dinner together for the first time in eleven years. thats some strength, compassion, and love right there.
none of the drosche's were there this weekend so i was sad, because i love it when jared tries to say my name but cant, so he says "jddeedshica" or something along those lines. and robbie goes "What are we GOnna DO? What are we goooona do?". but laura's problem campers brother was a JC in my lodge, he was cool i guess but his brother is crazy.
camp is the most amazing and important thing i have done with my life so far. carlton and annabelle and tony and i were having this really deep conversation in the pitch black main lodge at 4 in the morning on saturday night, and so many things just got pieced together for me. carlton is this great guy, with his life very together, holding down an awesome job and driving a super nice black beamer, and yet he still devotes every weekend to this cause, even though his girlfriend nicole, who introduced him to it, doesn't come with him anymore. the counselors at camp come from so many different backgrounds and random situations, and yet there is this unbreakable bond between all of us that no one mentions, but it is forever there. i feel so incredible when im around these incredible people. its like good-vibe central. everyone is compassionate, understanding, open, loving, caring, amazing people who i would never be friends with or know without this small little haven in cupertino i call my second, almost first, home.
so i took a break to eat dinner and now i'm done with my shpiel.

except that can i just say that it was hilarious when this camper named nolan took the shower head and accidently sprayed all the counselors before we could close the curtain. ohh man that was so funny.

anyway. homework calls.
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(no subject) [Oct. 25th, 2004|04:22 pm]
catapulted into what can't be
i finally uploaded my summer pictures baby, they are awesome
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california LOVE [Oct. 20th, 2004|04:08 pm]
catapulted into what can't be
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(no subject) [Sep. 12th, 2004|11:16 am]
catapulted into what can't be
this weekend i went to a tournament in Clovis/Fresno with my tennis team which was very very fun. me, kathryn and noelle had the only room with a fridge. this is very important to me.

PLUS - we got to miss mass of the holy spirit, YES YES YES

so we got there on thursday night and went to applebees which was HORRIBLE, never again. then friday we played three matches, me and kathryn won. friday night we had this stupid banquet thing but we went out to ice cream after and then did ms. mckinney impressions in our room and videotaped them. saturday kathryn and i won one and lost one, but we still got 14th out of 64 so we were happy.

the highschools we played at were SOOOO cute they were straight out of hollywood i swear. at clovis west, the cheerleaders were in their uniforms and eating lunch on the grass with the football players in their jerseys! ahhhh it was so stereotypical i LOVED it. Buchanan high had the most amazing campus, it was so pretty. the van ride back took FOREVER and we got home at about 11, all in all it was a stellar weekend up until now because i am doing homework.

much love kids...
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(no subject) [Sep. 6th, 2004|11:20 am]
catapulted into what can't be
i guarentee you that the next time you see me, you wont recognize me. why, you might ask?

i dyed my hair.
i dyed it auburn.
it is called (redwood)
and it is red...

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hellllllloooooo [Sep. 5th, 2004|11:44 am]
catapulted into what can't be
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last night was way funner than last weekend. it also didnt get shut down at 9 this time. there were so many more people and also molly sinead and christina were there, yay! but really, thank you bruno your club was "hella bomb". plus the ride to and from? dayum that experience made my life i swear. okay, i am so hungry i need to eat

but what? ahhhh the dilemmas of life
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(no subject) [Aug. 29th, 2004|10:22 pm]
catapulted into what can't be

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the workers are coming at 7! [Aug. 25th, 2004|08:49 pm]
catapulted into what can't be
i had my first unofficial day of school today.
aka convocation

which wasn't bad because it was short and i saw all my long lost friends. and i discovered that this year, finally, i dont even care anymore.

it ended at 10, but then it was too early for lunch, so what else to do but go to starbucks? lauren, britney, colleen and i continued on to stonestown of course because lee-lee, pave, julienne, levon, abelle, etc. were there....then lunch at lincoln market with lauren and colleen and then began the
Wait Around Period
where we waited for practice to start. but then danny called, so i almost hung out with him except for when he told me he was at caltrans by the ball park and i said NO, so now i think he's mad at me. but i talked to tony on the way home which made me day 300% better.

okay, spanish essay time
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THIS IS LAURA MAXWELL"S [Aug. 23rd, 2004|11:35 pm]
catapulted into what can't be
THis is Laura Maxwell's camp entry in her journal. i had to document it, because these memories MUST BE REMEMBERED FOREVER!

ps. im sorry if you dont get it, we worked at a camp for mentally disabled people this summer, and it was the most amazing experience of my life.


This is dedicated to Jessica Perry:

Kevin. Kevin was an asshole. Kevin was perplexing. He kicked me, punched me, called me a fucking bitch, threw rocks and almost hit Mariah and than Diana was about to kill him, and should have gotten sent home about three times. My whole lodge did a victory dance when he finally got sent home.

Jason Turner. Oh my love Jason Turner. Sitting on his bed all day j-j-jacking off, and than asking you to shake his hand. And then we would ask him to wash his hands, and he refused. Would you like lunch Jason? Yea that's what I thought.

"I don't know" shrugs shouldars.. "I...I...I don't know."

Andy. Oh Andy. CARRRAZZZZY with the glue. "Would you like to take a walk Andy?" "why yes, I certaintly would." singing hakuta matata on our walks, and telling me every animal from Aladdin and what colors they wore. hands in the pocket...

Cassie: FAVORITE COLOR?! FAVORITE CHARACTER?! PINK, NOT PURPLE BEDSHEETS. "Hey Cassie...Ceri is calling you..., by the way, what is your favorite number Cassie?"

Jared: "I know you're a lion, but if you eat that tree right now, you're going to be too full for lunch..." I think the mask and body paint only encouraged this behavior.

And then of course. The beautiful, wonderful, terrific councelors that make camp, camp.

Yiannis: "Yes Laura I am your husband. We had Matt when you were one, and I was 8." But he was suppossed to be the laundry boy anyways, so he can't say anything.

JT: "Look at the Native Americans!" "You can't even jack off anywhere here!" Jess Perry: That is also know as one of the funniest conversations of your life.

D. Chan: Our child is going to be beautiful. We have named him Jimbo, we should be having him in about 284 days. Approxiamtely. He will be a camper, and we are going to have a lot more, don't worry for all of those who doubt teen parenting, we have wiped enough asses this summer, showered enough people, fed them, and shit we would usually be doing this for three people at a time! Teen parenting is going to be easy!

Maritn: I LLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEEE MARTIN. Martin and I are best friend soul mates, like tony and Jess. We are destined to be the greatest of friends, lol. Kind of like Kelly and I (even though that has nothing to do with camp, but I suddenly just remembered that conversation, lol)

Tom: good times.... lol fill in the blanks...

Tony: Ah tony is the greatest, especially when Jessica was running around the lodge naked, and Tony told her she was forcing him to act like tom and becoming hella perverted. "Do you want me to go to jail?!"

Sarah: ah she is the greatest, we are such good friends now and I always forget she's 5 years older than me too. "I always forget I'm so much older than you. If this was school, and you were even a year younger than me, I would treat you so differently." hehe, I'm a special volunteer, speaking of which....

Judy: I am her special volunteer. I am taking her to the hospital and Diana will hold her hand. "Nice hands Valerie, Nice hands, calm down." (Actually jessica now that i think about it you weren't there for Valerie, but Valerie was this insane camper of hers who just pinched all day long, and that is the only thing Judy said for the whole week. Omg it was so funny.)

Diana: We hate Jen. I will hold your hand for the hospital trip.

Jen. O: Good times with the lotion and orgy on the couch. hhahahahahha.

And of course, my dear Jessica, you made the last week so great, what would I have done without you? Oh yea...not have anyone to babysit and calm me down when I lost one of my kids..

And so many others, I just don't have time to talk about...

haha omg I hope to god you, liz, martin, danny, and I get together this week. It will be the greatest day ever. Writing this entry put the biggest smile on my face, words really can't express. Cliche I know, but you just can't understand until you go there, and understand what a beautiful place that camp is.

Only 284 days until next summer...

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